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100% Beeswax candles

The cleanest, longest, most natural burn.
The only candle that will keep your air clean. Get into the season with a bright  natural glow from the bees. Open all winter.

Choose nature's wax.

Warm glow of beeswax

There's nothing that provides a comforting and joyful glow like a beeswax candle. Due to the melting point of around  149° Fahrenheit, they  emit light that is similar to the light spectrum of sunlight.

Natural hint of delicious honey

Beeswax is naturally aromatic from the honey and floral nectar that was originally stored in the honeycomb.The scents vary depending on what the bees are pollenating. Whatever nature decides, the scent is always delicious and comforting, no fragrance or chemicals added.

Cleans the air - naturally

Beeswax has natural properties that, when burned, actually purify the air around you and remove malodors. 

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